Veterans Day Assembly RSVP

Every other year we hold a special Countdown Assembly that is intended to honor the Veterans who are special in our student’s lives.  This year we will celebrate our Veterans on Monday, November 13th at 9:15a.m.  Following the assembly we will have donuts and coffee in our cafeteria and students from News From the Nest will interview some of Veterans for the show.  If you have a family member who has served in one of the US branches, please invite them to our special assembly.  You can use this Google form ( to let us know who will be joining us.  We will have your child (or children) briefly introduce them to the school. 

This will be the fourth time we held the assembly and each time it seems to grow larger.  We are hoping to be able to accommodate all of the Veterans interested in joining us, but worry we may not have the space if it continues to grow.  If space becomes an issue, we will need to prioritize by grade level.  We will start with 5th grade and move down to kindergarten.  This way every two years, our older students will have the opportunity to have their special Veteran join us.  Hopefully it will end up not being an issue, but we felt it was important to address with the size of our last Veterans Day Assembly.

Mrs. Christensen, our former music teacher, came up with the idea for the assembly while thinking of a special way to thank her mom, Margaret Osteyee, for her service.  Margaret served in the Navy during World War II.  She was a frequent visitor to our assemblies, concerts and plays.  Sadly, Mrs. Osteyee recently passed away, so this year’s assembly will have a special meaning for those of us who knew her.

Thank you for your continued support!