For more information, or if you have a question about Oak Ridge Home and School Association, please e-mail Wendy Milnes at milneswe@gmail.com or the Home & School Board at oakridgehomeandschool@gmail.com.

Below are frequently asked questions with accompanying answers:

  1. Who belongs to the Home & School Association? 
    All parents or guardians of children attending Oak Ridge Elementary School and all teachers/staff members of Oak Ridge Elementary School are members of Home & School. Past Home and School participants are also invited to attend meetings and volunteer to support Home and School events.

  2. What is the purpose of Home & School Association?
    The Home & School Association's objectives are:

    • To promote the welfare of the children in home, school, and community;
    • To improve the quality of the elementary school experience for the children;
    • To inform the parents of educational methods and standards and to support the educational programs in the school;
    • To promote cooperation and fellowship among parents and staff in order to develop such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in academic, emotional, and social education.

  3. When does the Home & School meet?
    Home & School generally meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00PM in the school library. A full list of dates is available at the Meetings link.

  4. What activities does the Home & School organize and/or fund? (Note: Some activities are self-funded). 
    A complete list and description of activities is available at the Committees link of our Web site. Some of the activities and events that Oak Ridge Home & School currently organizes and/or funds are:

    • Assemblies: Home & School pays for some of the assemblies the children enjoy each year.
    • Back to School Bash: This annual event is planned during the first few weeks of school to allow all families to connect in a casual environment.
    • Field Trips: Home & School helps subsidize the field trips to lower the cost to each child.
    • Holiday Shoppe: Each child is invited to visit the Holiday Shoppe. This is run for one week during December. It is an opportunity for the children to shop with a volunteer, during school, for inexpensive gifts for their family members.
    • Homeroom Parents: Volunteers plan classroom socials in the classrooms 3 times per year.
    • Hospitality: This committee provides refreshments for most of the activities held throughout the year. At the end of the school, a luncheon is held for the teachers.
    • Ice Cream Sundae Bar: This special dessert is held 4 times per year after lunch. Volunteers serve ice cream with all the toppings. The sundae is free with a lunch purchase or $1.35 if purchased separately.
    • Just Say No: We sponsor the teacher-led Just Say No Club, after school for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Students are encouraged to choose healthy activities over drugs and alcohol.
    • Let's Move: A committee dedicated to identifying and including healthy food options and snacks at our school events. This committee helps forms activities that focus on and encourage individual and family fitness. Past activities have included Jump Rope Club and Family Walks in the Park.
    • Lip Sync: This is one of our most popular events of the year! The kids get to perform songs for the entire school community while never having to utter a word!
    • Oak Ridge Goes Green: Our goal is to educate our children on the importance of recycling and energy conservation to save our environment. It is a wonderful opportunity to teach the children the importance of caring for the earth and our school community.
    • Oak Ridge After Hours: Various activities throughout the year are provided for children and their families after the school hours. These activities provide a way to bring the school and family together. Examples: After School REC, Family Bingo Night, Jumpin' Jacks Family Nights and Hobby Night.
    • Oak Ridge Outreach: Provides services and support to the Oak Ridge community as well as helps to raise the children's awareness of how we can help those in need.
    • School Directory: Every family will receive a directory to keep in touch with classmates and easily find Home & School information.
    • Spirit Wear Sale: During the Fall and Spring, we sell t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, and more with our Oak Ridge logo on them. These items are offered for sale, at cost, to all families.
    • Team Oak Ridge: New students and their families are made to feel welcomed and involved in our school. One of the ways we accomplish this is with the "buddy" program. Fourth grade students are paired with the Kindergarten students for various activities over the course of the school year.
    • Where in the World is Oakie the Owl?: Students buy an Oakie the Owl mascot and take pictures with Oakie during their vacations. Throughout the year, they bring the pictures into school so they can be posted in our Oakie display for their classmates to see. Oakie is available to buy during our Fall and Spring Spirit Sales.
    • Yearbook: The committee gathers photos of all school events throughout the year to create a great keepsake for your child. Yearbooks are sold at cost.


  5. Where do the Home and School funds come from?
    The Home & School runs the following fundraisers to raise money:

    • Fun Run: Our major fundraising event has provided us the funds to build an outdoor classroom, purchase classroom smart boards, update our stage, improve our playgrounds and help out in many other areas of the school.
    • Amazon: Oak Ridge earns cash through this Amazon Rewards Program. Every shopping trip will earn cash for Oak Ridge!
    • General Mills Box Tops: By clipping the box top coupons, we are able to earn $.10 per box top. Each year we average16,000 box tops. That means $1600 for our school! (Ongoing collection)
    • Giant Food Stores A+ School Rewards Program: Oak Ridge earns cash through the Giant Rewards Program. Just register your bonus card to benefit Oak Ridge and every shopping trip earns cash for Oak Ridge.
    • KidStuff Books: Our KidStuff fundraiser is run during the first few weeks of school. Oak Ridge earns 50% profit on every book sold.
    • Purse Bingo: A special night out for the Moms of Oak Ridge! Win a designer purse playing 10 rounds of Bingo. Or maybe you will be a lucky winner of one of the raffle baskets. This event is typically held in mid-May.
    • Yankee Candles: Students sell Yankee Candle products to friends and family through their catalog. This fundraiser raised over $7,500 for Oak Ridge in 2012.


  6. Why do we need additional funds even though I already pay school taxes?
    Home & School sponsors activities and funds programs which supplement those provided by the School District. These activities enrich the experience of all the students at Oak Ridge.