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The Elementary School Library program provides our students with the foundation necessary to become lifelong learners who are information literate in our ever-changing society. The curriculum is based on the American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 21st Century Learner. Students use an inquiry based approach to learning and the information search process.

Each year of instruction will build upon previously learned skills while introducing a new level of skills geared towards proficiency of the following standards.

1.1.4: Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions
4.1.4: Seek information for personal learning in a variety of formats and genres
3.1.6: Use information and technology ethically and responsibly
1.1.8: Demonstrate mastery of technology tools for accessing information and pursuing inquiry

Beginning in kindergarten, students will learn to independently find books of interest and follow library procedures to check out the materials.

Grades K-2 will:

  • Understand the organizational scheme of the library
  • Distinguish between fiction and nonfiction books
  • Understand the basic organizational structure of books
  • Recognize and use the online catalog to locate materials
  • Use an online dictionary and encyclopedia
  • Credit sources by author and title
  • Select information in various formats, genres, and levels

Grades 3-5 will:

  • Understand the organizational grouping of the library system
  • Use multiple resources, including print and electronic to locate information
  • Use the organizational structure of a book to locate answers to questions
  • Search an online catalog to locate materials
  • Use selected Web sites, reference sources and databases to find pertinent information
  • Begin to understand plagiarism and copyright issues
  • Credit sources with MLA style.
  • Independently select appropriate print and electronic materials
  • Select books from multiple authors and genres

For more about Souderton Area School District's Library program, see the Teaching & Learning > Library page.