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The SASD science curriculum is based on national, state and local science standards and provides an inquiry-based approach to learning science. Students experience science through active construction of ideas and explanations that are developmentally appropriate. Children investigate earth materials, organisms and properties of common objects and begin to develop concepts and vocabulary around these experiences.

Developing inquiry skills is central to helping children think as "scientists." As children begin investigations they learn to ask scientific questions, investigate the world around them, and use their observations to construct reasonable explanations for the questions that are framed for them. The role of the teacher is to guide children in the extending their scientific knowledge and to encourage children to communicate their learning, both orally and in writing, as a result of the inquiry process.

The science curriculum in the Souderton Area School District includes two or three units per grade level and is taught through an inquiry-based approach. Materials are prepared and restocked in kits for teachers, ensuring that all needed materials are available for student use. Students demonstrate what they have learned through performance assessments included in each unit.