Here are a few of the activities offered at Oak Ridge Elementary School :

 Oak Ridge's Weekly Show, News from the Nest

  • Our weekly news program is written and produced by students with the help of Mrs. Irvin and several other staff members. The goal is to provide parents, grandparents and students an insight into life at Oak Ridge.
  • After School Rec
    Home and School offers a wide variety of after school activities throughout the year. Look in your weekly communicator for more information about Rec offerings.
  • Reading Olympics
    If you are in fourth or fifth grade and you love to read, you’ll love Reading Olympics. Students prepare for a competition against other schools by reading a wide selection of literature.
  • Math Olympiad
    Students can qualify for this extra-curricular activity with high math achievement in their math classes and PSSA scores. It is a competitive club that meets after school.
  • Just Say No
    The Just Say No club at the elementary level is offered to intermediate elementary students. During their time together the students memorize pledges, participate in activities (such as service projects), and view programs to enhance their excitement about life. The underlying message is "JUST SAY NO" to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

    "3 Steps to Say No"
    1. Figure out if what your friend wants is O.K.
    2. If it's wrong, say No.
    3. Suggest other things to do instead.

    "Just Say No" Pledge
    I pledge to lead a drug-free life.
    I want to be healthy and happy.
    I will say No to alcohol.
    I will say No to tobacco.
    I will say No to illegal drugs.
    I will help my friends say No.
    I pledge to stand up for what I know is right.
    ~ 1989 "Just Say No" International