Health Concepts

Souderton Area School District recently (2011-2012) switched to a 4-day cycle that promotes more efficient scheduling, and better use of student/teacher time across the district. Due to this change, 5th grade health as its own separate class has been discontinued. Health lessons have been repurposed, modified, and enhanced accordingly and we are pleased to offer health instruction to all students in grades 1-5 during their designated time with the wellness instructor. Please note that health instruction is not at the expense of physical education, but rather a companion to it; the 4-day cycle model provides 44 wellness classes during the school year, or 8 additional classes beyond the previous 36 in the 5-day cycle.

The following list details the focus of health instruction by grade level:

  • Grade 1 Safety
  • Grade 2 Germs; Emergency response
  • Grade 3 Nutrition; Physical fitness
  • Grade 4 Drugs and alcohol
  • Grade 5 Human growth and development; Sickness and disease