Schoology at Oak Ridge - April 1, Part 1

April 1, 2020 - Part 1

Today we begin our venture into the new world of virtual learning.  I think I can speak for all of us; students, parents and staff, that we would rather be in the halls and classrooms of Oak Ridge.  That being said, I know we will make the best of our situation. 

Over the past two weeks you have all been tremendously patient.  Please know that the staff and I appreciate that patience as we were all familiarizing ourselves with Schoology and building the virtual school together.  The site is a work in progress and we will begin with small steps. 

There will be three lessons in your child’s grade level folder (a math, a reading and a writing lesson) for the rest of this week.  There are also lessons in the special areas folders and the learning support folder for students with IEPs.  In order to help us get off on the right foot, I wanted to reach out with some reminders and tips as we begin:
  • Before your child starts, find him or her a large envelope or folder and some paper to collect his or her work.  You are not required to print the materials, students can use the paper to record answers.
  • I need to give everyone a fair warning that the Schoology site has had moments of being finicky.  Apparently many districts across the country have gone to the platform in response to the school closures.  Sometimes you just need to reboot the page in order return to the page, other times you may need to take a break.  Again, the amount of work and the time table to accomplish it should act as a reminder that this is nothing to become to frustrated about.  If you continue to have difficulties, feel free to reach out to me or your teacher.  
  • Please do not to use the "Mail" in Schoology - it will go to all teachers in the course.  Continue to e-mail the account outside of Schoology to communicate with your teacher. 
  • Also, for your child to access Schoology, please use their Google logins.  This will give the most access to the site as opposed to the parent login.  
Those are probably enough directions to read early in the morning, but I am sure they do not cover all the questions you may have.  As I said at the start of this message we will take small steps as we all iron out the issues in our first few days.  During the school year we try to start each week with a new episode of News From the Nest.  So you can always start with our latest episode here…

Thank you for your continued support!

Thomas Ferlick
Principal, Oak Ridge Elementary School