Schoology at Oak Ridge - April 1, Part 2

April 1 - Part 2

Day one of our Virtual learning is winding down.  I asked the teachers for some feedback to let me know the issues they've addressed today, so that I can provide some general feedback to all families about a couple common themes.  Here are a few tips and reminders to make the next couple of weeks a little easier to handle:
  • The lessons are provided for your children to be done at a time of convenience for your family. There is no expectation that children are to be working on these lessons at a set time of the day.  You can develop a system that works best for your family.  Please remember that the folder will not change until Monday, when we upload new lessons for next week.  There is no rush to complete everything in one sitting. 
  • Please be sure to use the Chrome browser while logging into Schoology.  That should make logging in easier.  Also, families of multiple children can just leave one child logged in.  The folders are accessible to everyone, so you don't have to log off and back on.  Just remember, if the teacher has a comment section open, the student should put their name at the end of a submitted comment so the teacher doesn't think the student is in the wrong class conversation.
  • Schoology is currently working to improve their connectivity issues for all users.  Their usage has gone up 400% over the past few days.  I know some have asked  about video lessons.  I am sure we will get there, but again, I want all families and teachers to become familiar with the platform before adding items that may add to the overall connectivity.  My hope is that as we take our time learning the platform, creating routines at home, and feel settled and that the system will catch up to the demand so less disruption happen for more success with things like video lessons and links to upload completed work. 
  • As a district we are still in discussions about collection of materials.  The middle and high school have been working in this platform for several years.  For now, my message has been to continue to have students save work in a folder or an envelope.  I know different teachers have used different methods of submission in the past.  I am not going to deter that from continuing if it is something that the students and teachers are familiar and comfortable with.  I just don't want to add more confusion as we all become comfortable with the system. 
We really appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.   I am confident that the Oak Ridge Virtual School will continue to grow into something that feels comfortable for everyone.  Thank you for your support with this goal!

Thomas Ferlick
Principal, Oak Ridge Elementary School