Schoology at Oak Ridge - April 6 & 7

Week 4 - April 6 & 7

Week 4 is now online for students.  This week the teachers have included an audio recording in their folder.  Last week we had several trainings to make sure everyone was up to speed with audio and video.  This week there is one lesson for each subject and a message and possible activity in the teacher's individual folder.

When next Tuesday's (April 14th) lessons are posted they will include two lessons of each subject with at least one video accompanying each subject.  We are building our skills as we go and I am so impressed with the teachers dedication towards growing our site into something special for our students.  Oh, and speaking of special, don't forget to check out the Specialist's folders too.  

I appreciate your continued patience as we all continue to grow in this new way to approach learning.  If you have any questions you can reach out to me or your child's teachers.  

Have a great week!