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Updates and Reminders - Sept. 29, 2023

I was really excited to kick off fun Fridays in a big way today, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  I am still in touch with the organization that was going to help with the kick-off to see if we can find a make-up day.  If we can’t find a date we’ll save the idea for next year.  For those not familiar, Fun Fridays are generally brief activities we incorporate to add some fun to school.  Sometimes it may be a classroom challenge and other times it could be a school-wide activity.  We will begin our Fun Fridays next week (details below).  Here are a few additional updates and reminders:

  • Next Wednesday, October 4th is Picture Day.
  • Next Thursday, October 5th is Walk to School Day.  Each year we meet at Alderfer park at 8:00 am and walk together to school.  It is always a great way to start our day.  We hope you can join us.
  • Every other year we honor Veterans with a special Owl Time Assembly.  We learn about how Veterans served our country.  On Friday, November 10th, we will honor our Oak Ridge Family Veterans at our Owl Time Assembly.  If you have a Veteran in your family, please feel free to invite them to be honored.  If they are able to come, you can fill in the Veterans Day Assembly RSVP Form so we are prepared for how many chairs we will need.  If you have a Veteran that cannot make it, but your child still wants to honor them. 
  • For next week’s Fun Friday activity, we are sending home a map of the USA.  We are hoping you can take some time with your child and help them color in the states that they have visited (actually stayed in, not just driven through).  Once you are finished you can send it back to your child’s teacher.  The maps will be an important part of our first Fun Friday Activity.
  • Here is the latest episode of News From The Nest.